Estonia has become one of the most dynamic and modern economies. Well known for its electronic government and advanced internet and telecom infrastructure, Estonia is also a land of respected professionals in their field.

On the other hand, Estonia is also an amazing place with historic charm. Even with all its historic ambience, Estonia is surprisingly modern. As one of the world’s most tech-savvy countries, Estonia earns points for the availability of free Wi-Fi just about everywhere – in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, inter-city buses and in the nature. One of the main conveniences of attending the conference in Estonia is that it’s small and hassle-free. Compact Tartu city centre means You will be making quick, 5-minute walks to get from place to place, rather than dealing with buses or taxis. In addition, Estonia is in the Schengen zone, it uses the euro as its currency, credit cards are accepted nearly everywhere and English is widely spoken.

The last years of COVID pandemic have reminded us that scientific meetings are a crucial part of our professional lives. FOB2022 will be one of the first possibilities to meet everyone once again after several years.
We hope that you will find time to interact with and get to know Estonia’s second largest city Tartu. It is not just the site of one of the oldest Universities in Europe, but also the European Capital of Culture 2024.
We hope that this meeting will be memorable both for its scientific content as well as social interactions.

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